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Onfido and iovation have teamed up to examine how companies in the Demand Economy balance detecting and eliminating fraudulent account activity, provide safe and seamless authentication/authorization experiences, and maintain compliance in digital environments across any industry. You will hear from world-renowned fraud expert and Onfido Head of Fraud, Michael Van Gestel, who will dive into current fraud techniques and challenges in a digital world. Many government agencies count on Michael’s expertise and training - including global airports and Interpol - to detect the most innovative and clever forms of fraud.

By adding iovation's capabilities to Onfido's ID Verification suite, online merchants are protected from common attack vectors such as account takeover, synthetic ID fraud, and collaborative fraud rings seeking to disrupt digital e-commerce. Leveraging the right combination of fraud prevention technology protects merchants from fraudulent buyers and sellers allowing your business to engage with genuine clients and accurately highlight the fraudulent ones.

You will learn:

  • Keys to ensuring provider and consumer safety and how to create a trusted digital business
  • Ways to make the internet a safer and more trustworthy place to do business
  • How to build trusted and secure online connections for your members/clients
  • Steps you can take to protect your business and your members/clients
  • How device profiling intelligence enhances your fraud investigations to build a trusted digital business
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