The ability to enrich intelligence by incorporating a host of third party data into fraud defence can have a major impact on the ability to defend against a variety of financial crimes. Integrating this type of intelligence can make fraud defences much more operationally efficient.

Join fraud experts from Synectics Solutions and iovation as they discuss the power of integrating a range of third party data – including device intelligence – into fraud systems to understand how this data can help to protect your business against fraud committed from Internet-enabled devices.

You'll learn about:

  • The benefits of deploying a range of data sources for specific fraud defences
  • The world’s largest repository of mobile and online devices and analytical data to support your counter fraud strategy
  • The importance of data enrichment in augmenting fraud systems
  • How device profiling intelligence can enhance your fraud investigations
  • The successes that organisations have seen since implementing device profiling intelligence
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