Account takeover (ATO) is the fastest growing vector for fraud. Fraudsters leverage various common entry points to perpetrate ATO, putting your valued customer accounts at risk. Learn how applying techniques for fraud prevention combined with authentication can provide a consistent, superior customer experience for authorizing their riskiest transactions

Join Scott Olson, VP of Product Marketing at iovation, a TransUnion Company, for this 30-minute webinar as he discusses and demonstrates the use of consumer devices to identify risk, authenticate users and authorize transactions to combat ATO fraud.

Register today to discover more about these key industry shifts:

  • From different authorization methods for every channel to a consistent omnichannel authentication experience

  • From front door security to risk-appropriate security

  • From customer notifications to customer authorizations

  • From OTP and KBA to in-app authentication for your best customers

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Scott Olson
Scott Olson VP of Product Marketing / iovation
Dates & Times

Apr 25, 2019 | 11:00 AM