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Every holiday season brings an increased amount of online shoppers and that means more opportunities for fraudsters to deceive you and find new ways to trick merchants with fraud. Get an extra layer for protection by recognizing the device behind the shopper. Device intelligence will help you identify potential cyber-shoplifters and chargebacks based on buyers remorse.

When you integrate device recognition into the transaction process it gives you the advantage in defending against a variety of fraudulent transactions and resulting disputes with device details. Strong dispute resolution, with merchant processors can result in higher revenue and fewer repeat offenders. This type of intelligence allows your business to identify risks and fraud trends to create operational efficiencies and improve your bottom line.

Join the chargebacks experts, Chargebacks 911, and fraud experts, iovation, as we discuss combatting 1st party chargebacks and 3rd party fraud without increasing false positives. Protecting both sides of the transaction flow against unwarranted refunds, so-called friendly fraud, credit card theft and merchant errors.


  • Problems that arise during the chargeback process.
  • How device intelligence and iovation fraud consortium data can sharpen your real time fraud defenses preventing 3rd party loss.
  • The importance in utilizing fraud systems pre - and post - transactions.
  • Providing defensivable evidence to win chargeback disputes.
  • Identify and stop repeat 3rd fraud offenders.
  • Combining the power of iovation and Chargebacks 911 to mitigate overall losses.


Jay Johns
Jay Johns Global Channel Manager / iovation
Nate Voss
Nate Voss VP Partner Relations / Chargebacks911