Fraud in Financial Services doesn’t just affect the bottom line, with the increased focus on security, brand reputation is also at stake. A customer’s personal and financial information is a highly valued asset to a cybercriminal and subject to sophisticated fraud techniques.

We’ll show you how we stop CNP fraud, account takeover, credit application fraud and the use of stolen/synthetic identities with our next-generation fraud prevention solution.

Watch to learn about:

  • The power of combining machine learning with human intelligence
  • Patterns of Financial Services fraud that we identified in 2017
  • Real world examples of how to stop fraud in Financial Services
  • How machine learning can help predict fraud before it happens
  • The power of leveraging iovation’s device intelligence network

Find out how incorporating device intelligence as part of your fraud prevention defences can quickly generate a positive return on investment as well as a significant reduction in online fraud risk.


Eddie Glenn
Eddie Glenn Product Marketing Manager / iovaton
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