Identities are stolen and faked. Login credentials breached. Which is why device reputation is critical when dealing with online transactions. When combined with industry-leading device recognition and intelligence technology, device reputation can be a critical component for preventing online fraud.

What if you immediately knew that a device interacting with your web or mobile app was previously involved with credit application fraud, chargeback fraud, synthetic identity fraud, or some other specific type of fraud? What if you knew that this device was associated with other devices with a known history of fraud?

That’s what we mean by device reputation.

Join us to learn how device reputation:

  • Stops specific types of online and mobile fraud
  • Uncovers more fraud with collaborative business subscribers
  • Uncovers fraud rings and seemingly unrelated incidents of fraud
  • Benefits your fraud strategy

Watch and learn how iovation’s global consortium of devices and their associations with fraud and abuse, will benefit your organisation.

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