Imagine a world without passwords - sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Part 2 of the 'MFA for Dummies Series' we explore how Risk-Based Authentication works and how it's redefining the way consumers interact with your business. We also share how Gartner has developed a strategic approach for merging risk insight with authentication through continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA).

In this 35-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How leveraging risk-based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can improve the customer experience without compromising security;
  • How MFA can work alongside and complement traditional methods of authentication while offering a frictionless user experience;
  • Which risk signals play a role in Gartner's strategic approach through CARTA

Did you miss the first webinar in the series? Watch the recording to learn the importance of implementing Multi-Factor Authentication and while you're at it, reserve your seat for the final part in the series.


Michael Thelander
Michael Thelander Sr. Director of Product Marketing / iovation
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