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As e-commerce traffic increases, retailers must adapt to effectively combat fraud in this shifting economic climate.

As an industry fraud expert, you have likely seen the spikes in e-commerce traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, according to our TransUnion IDVision with iovation traffic analysis, the week following the World Health Organization declaring a global pandemic on March 11, there was a 23% increase in global e-commerce transactions. Unfortunately, this rise in e-commerce comes with a rise in fraud. Fraudsters are gaining access to accounts using credential stuffing, social engineering, phishing scams and malware.

To address the challenges and changes in shopping patterns resulting from this pandemic, retailers must adapt to effectively combat fraud in the COVID-19 era. In this webinar we discuss our latest e-commerce report and also offer insights into preventing fraud, including:

  • The top four fraud trends that retailers are facing now
  • How to build trust with your consumers while meeting their expectations, and ensure you are providing transparency, convenience and value
  • Proven solutions to combat fraud and meet the challenges of the COVID-19 era


Angie White
Angie White Product Marketing Manager / TransUnion, Fraud and Identity Solutions
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