As an industry, we’re stuck in a crossfire; On one side, end-user consumers are demanding better, easier, more personalized online experiences. On the other, armies of well-equipped hackers and fraudsters are ready to pounce on any reduction in rigorous authentication.

Join this on-demand webinar and learn how iovation’s acquisition of LaunchKey powers the new Dynamic Authentication Suite … and address one of the digital society’s most pressing problems.

  • See how analysis of risk and context drive usable adaptive authentication strategies you can implement today
  • See how “strong security” can actually deliver “outstanding experience”
  • See examples of this approach using both retail and financial services scenarios
  • Learn how trusted fraud prevention technologies can contribute realtime insight to advanced authentication

Perhaps most importantly: with half a billion records stolen in the last Yahoo! mega breach, it’s time to start thinking about your strategies of the future. See how the convergence of device intelligence and advanced multifactor technologies lay a solid foundation for a passwordless world.

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