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Many businesses are facing challenges with the new Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2). Not only is there the implementation of the required verification and authentication processes, but there are fears associated with the impact that newly required KYC might have on the customer experience and engagement levels.

In this webinar presented by 4Stop and iovation, we will discuss how businesses can harness the new PSD2 regulation to maximize customer experiences, trust and loyalty, and overall customer lifetime value. We will also discuss how to utilize the power of PSD2 as a competitive advantage and accelerate your business.

As experts in risk mitigation, 4Stop and iovation will share an array of strategies to solve PSD2 implementation with minimal impact to your business, discuss how to manage the impact of PSD2, and prioritize compliance easily.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • A snapshot of the new PSD2 landscape, including its overall impact, why it is important and what to expect
  • The benefits of the PSD2 changes and how they will impact businesses' customer journeys
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA): the required elements, how much flexibility business have, and the exemptions for transactions
  • Strategies to minimize the friction within the customer journey in adherence with PSD2 and SCA.
  • Methods to solve PSD2 implementations with smart technologies, dynamic decision making frame-works and singular API’s
  • How to leverage PSD2 to build greater customer trust, loyalty and retention
  • Managing the impact of PSD2 and prioritizing the needs for compliance


Mark Weston
Mark Weston Data Protection Officer / iovation
Alvaro Kurth
Alvaro Kurth Chief Risk Officer / 4Stop
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