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As more businesses move to digital channels due to the pandemic’s global economic impact, many have been forced to do so rapidly in order to facilitate consumers online. As a result, fraudsters have been taking advantage of this rapid digital transformation by targeting consumers. In fact, TransUnion found that consumers targeted by digital COVID-19 schemes increased 10% from the early days of the pandemic (April 13) to more recently (July 27).

With fraudsters continuing to target digital consumer identities, businesses should be prioritizing technology advancements without adding customer friction. TransUnion with iovation® partner GBG specializes in fraud, location and identity data intelligence, and its partnership gives GBG customers access to TransUnion’s extensive fraud and identity information, offering a digital layered approach that complements traditional sources of verification.

In this upcoming webinar, join GBG’s Gus Tomlinson and Gavin Barker, Head of Partnerships in EMEA for TransUnion Global Fraud Solution, as they discuss improving the customer experience and building consumer trust in light of today’s business challenges and regulations.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Current trends businesses are facing in today's environment
  • How technology can enable safe commerce without friction
  • How device intelligence can play a key role in trusting in your customers’ identities
  • Technology recommendations of how to future proof your business
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